• Johnnie Detweiler

    on January 17, 2010

    Picture #9 is brother in laws (or is brothers in law/) holding cousins.
    Enos Detwiler w/ Sally, Earl Hunsburger w/ Phyllis (Kathy standig in front?), Norman Benner w/ Leonard, Bill Landis w/ Glenn and John Detweiler w/Johnnie (me). There was a sixth same-age cousin, Irvin and Lizzie Detweiler's daughter, Rhoda.
    Picture #10 is four sisters and a sister-in-law holding the same cousins.
    Mable Detwiler w/ Sally, Hannah Landis w/ Glenn, Lydia Hunsburger w/ Phyllis, Emma Benner w/ Leonard, and Sallie Detweiler w/Johnnie. I assume the girls in front are mable's daughters with Kathy.
    Picture #13 is Enos and Alverda Detwiler who nad a foster son the same age as the six cousins.

  • Mary Lou

    on January 12, 2010

    I don't remember ever seeing the school photo of Earl Jr. Love it!!! I always think the one of Earl Jr holding Kathryn on his one hand is a classic!!!! She must have had such faith in her Daddy to allow him to do that!!!

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